Monday, February 05, 2007

Something to consider when thinking about the mandatory cancer vaccine

1.The National Vaccine Information Center yesterday warned state officials to investigate the safety of a breakthrough cancer vaccine as Texas became the first state to make the vaccine mandatory for school-age girls.
Negative side effects of Gardasil, a new Merck vaccine to prevent the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer, are being reported in the District of Columbia and 20 states, including Virginia. The reactions range from loss of consciousness to seizures.
"Young girls are experiencing severe headaches, dizziness, temporary loss of vision and some girls have lost consciousness during what appear to be seizures," said Vicky Debold, health policy analyst for the National Vaccine Information Center, a nonprofit watchdog organization that was created in the early 1980s to prevent vaccine injuries.

2.n 2002, there were 4,019,280 births in the United States, down slightly from 2001 (4,025,933).

from the same govt numbers:
Among teenagers, the birth rate fell to 43 births per 1,000 females 15-19 years of age in 2002, a 5-percent decline from 2001 and a 28-percent decline from 1990. The decline in the birth rate for younger teens, 15-17 years of age, is even more substantial, dropping 38 percent from 1990 to 2002 compared to a drop of 18 percent for teens 18-19.

Now I'm no expert on anything so help me out. Wouldn't the lower birth rate come from a combination of less sex or more safe sex amongst teens? If so, why would we want to risk these health problems over 9700 cases of cancer a year. Then add in the cost of this shot $120 -150. They want to give it to girls, all girls remember, between 11-12. Once again, consider what they say:
Merck spokesman Chris Loder said the vaccine is effective for five years and the Whitehouse Station, N.J., drug maker is not sure how long afterward the vaccine will work. Critics point out that an additional booster shot may be necessary.

So in five years when they are 17 and still in high school, and under the govt control, they will need a booster. Hmmm, think that'll be another 120 bucks?

AHHH the plot thickens:

Merck, the only maker of this vaccine, donated $6,000 to Perry’s re-election campaign. How much more will he receive from Merck now that he has forced this upon the state? There is more, one of the three Merck lobbyists in Texas is Mike Toomey, Perry’s former chief of staff. Sometimes you have to help a friend who helped you.