Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the bush's and the rev. moon

Bush Meets the Messiah
the scoop on Rev. Moon

Monday, December 05, 2005

goooood morning vietnam

adrian cronauer of Good Morning Vietnam fame is the head of an organization called Citizen Flag Alliance. They are fighting for a flag burning amendment. I just saw him arguing that the only reason one would burn a flag is to incite anger. but I think it's an expression of anger.

Burning a flag is an especially hard piece of free speech but if america is free then you got a take it. Even if it means that an american citizen actually hates america. people are free to hate their parents why not their country.
I'm watching the members 9-11 commission come together to grade the government, legislative and executive branches on the follow up to their report. Their commission issued it's report a few months ago and so they are not officially empaneled. What they are doing is saying - wake up

"The fundamental purpose of the government is to protect people. to keep the peace to keep us safe from harm. within and from without our nation if we dont have that we are a disorganized savage society and there's no rationale for anything govt does."- James Thompson 9-1 commission member (R)

They are giving the govt Fs and Ds on the follow through with their recomendations. I find it crazy that we haven't moved very far on this when we have been coming up with ways to okay torture and to buid bridges to nowhere and debating terry schaivo. what is going on

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Russ discussions

I just read yur links Russ. You may indeed have a point on the hispanic race thing. although I have seen many forms that I have had to fill out ask for race specifically as "hispanic, non-white" there doesn't seem to be any such distinction in the stats you linked to.

Now as to Sherriff Moose, I have never been a fan of his.But the link you sent was opinion and didn't source any of the claims. Having said that, I'll agree on the whole overblown PC nature of things today.