Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is this another high profile low result case?

OK here is the headline:

Ex-Congressman Charged in Terror Case

and the second paragraph:
Mark Deli Siljander, a Michigan Republican when he was in the House, was charged with money laundering, conspiracy and obstructing justice for allegedly lying about being hired to lobby senators on behalf of an Islamic charity that authorities said was secretly sending funds to terrorists.

and waaaaaaaaaay down in the 15th graph:
It's not clear whether Siljander ever engaged in the lobbying push, said John Wood, U.S. attorney in Kansas City. Nevertheless, IARA paid Siljander with money that was part of U.S. government funding awarded to the charity years earlier for relief work it promised to perform in Africa, the indictment says.

I'm just remembering that the terror cell that was found 2 years ago turned out to be a bunch of homeless guys being led by an FBI informer to record FBI HQ. and don't forget the clip I play on the show from time to time:

Is this the program announced on the show 2 weeks ago?

The The Gaurdian is reporting that the FBI is shopping around a program called SERVER IN THE SKY to link ID databases:

Americans seek international database to carry iris, palm and finger prints

This sounds very similar to the program that Mark Lerner warned about on the show Jan. 6th as well as at the Uptown Theater on the 10th.