Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why I care about the $3 trillion.

I want to know where the money went. We live in a market based economy. Anyone, or group, working together or separate could have an enormous effect on our economy. The people who can spend like that are the ones that are really running things. Peple spending that kind of money are the ones that you have to wonder about as far as their power. and we don't even know about them. We don't even know that the money is missing. I didn't know it. I heard a handful, a small handful, of left leaning talk show hosts mention it. But I didn't follow up on it and find the buried stories untill just a few weeks ago. The liberal media didn't say anything about it. I don't know if this is conspiracy or collusion, probably aat least collusion. But I find it interesting rthat the "liberal" media doesn't bring it up.
This is deeper than Democrat v. Republican. Don't you care? One story I read mentioned that the GDP for the US was 11 Trillion last year. Even if you put aside the Who question. What about the oversight? This happened at the end of Clinton's watch. It seems to me that Rumsfeld would be jhappy to lay that at the feet of the former administration. The DOD is the largest portion of our fed budget. according to Jim Hightower's report a few weeks ago, the pentagon has cut the number of auditors...And what pra tell are we defending against? some whackjobs that took over a plane? We couldn't use f-16s to take them out. and they don't cost anywhere near 3 trill. I think at somepoint we should have some say on where this money is going. It's ours i'm in for 40 grand.
Now a few weeks ago the President had a meeting with all the former secratries of Defense and State. now if I was wearing a tin foil hat: I could see the president saying "ladies and gentlemen the plan we have been working on for all these years is done." Now what could that be anything. Probably weaponizing space. it could be that an asteroid is hurtling towards us and theyv'e known about it for 20 years. I don't know and I'm okay that I don't know. but at some point shouldn't there be some sort of transparency. I mean shouldn't congress people at least get an answer? or is that to risky? and it may well be. I just hope that it is a noble endeavor. 3 Trillion is a lot of money could you take over the world?
If I had 3 trill I would feed a lot of people and educate a bunch. But I'm not that guy. I hope they are looking out for us.
I saw a movie once called Deterrence starring Jason Pollack. in this movie the son of Saddam is in control of Iraq and he's got all these nuclear missiles that he's managed to get from the French. and he goes on CNN and he tells the world that he's gonna nuke like seven cities around the world. and there's this big standoff and the peresident is actually new because the elected guy died a month ago or something and he's plaing it tough. He launches a bomber that goes to baghdad and says to ussay "you stand down or else" and all the advisors are going nuts. they're like we have to negotiate. But he has a secret. as they watch the trajectory of all the missiles the hussein has launched the world frets and the president goes on tv and says " we';ve been working woth the french for 10 years to let hussein get this stuff and they are all duds BUM BUM BUMMMMMM I hope they are looking out for us. I have trouble having that kind of faith when I see the corruption that we see on the front pages today.

I don't have a problem teaching and feeding people. but
I don't know what we're defending against the requires so much money. What would you do with 3 Trill?