Friday, September 12, 2008

Catching up

I was reading through some of the comment wars. I don't always delve in to the fray because you guys seem to have enough fun beating each other up. But I saw a response to a response or something where this is posted:

"""""Able Danger" and "the wire transfer to Atta"

These two are related.
Im the one who told you about this. Let me makes this clear. There was a major fuckup, a complacancy beyond immagination. One thing that held up this thing was removed by the patriot act. An act you bitch about and NOW YOUR RIGHTS are ruined and now you scream they are complicit. YOU DONT LIKE THE ANSWER!!"""""

I'm assuming the "thing" that the Patriot Act removed was the wall between foreign and domestic operations. If that's what is being referred to, I'd like to invite you to watch this little clip which seems to indicate that there were hindrances on both sides of the so called wall:

Two-party 'charade' must end, Ron Paul says

Paul will give his seal of approval to four candidates: Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney, Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr, independent candidate Ralph Nader and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin.

Paul said he's supporting the third-party candidates because the two major parties and media had "colluded" to avoid discussing issues and falsely presenting the difference between McCain and Obama as real.

"I've come to the conclusion, after having spent many years in politics, is that our presidential elections turn out to be more of a charade than anything else, and I think that is true today. It is a charade," he said.

Paul offered an open endorsement to the four candidates because each signed onto a policy statement that calls for "balancing budgets, bring troops home, personal liberties and investigating the Federal Reserve," an aide to the congressman said.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How do we counter the masses of concentrated wealth in our governance?

Here's a story about the Missouri Governor's race that fits in with a thought I've been kicking around lately:

What would be the effect if the state, obviously it would have to be through referendum, passed a law requiring that state and local office seekers had to get all their money from within the state/locale? I know that the parties and other interest groups would find ways to funnel money in (ala 527s), but we have to make efforts to reclaim our democracy.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Anybody want to tackl this one?

Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report
Planes crash, coke spills, but Mr. O'Connor remains a mystery

These are two related stories, really the same story. I wonder if anyone can find a little more on it.


Marcus, Can you give me some citation on the Book banning claim about Palin?