Friday, October 07, 2005

The Gestapo is us.

notice that a regular person, the employee, turned the photos over to the police. While it's easy to blame the big bad Wal mart, try to remember that we the people have to participate in the dismantling of our freedoms. I remember when I first started at best buy, the guys in the computer repair center were all fired up because they had turned in some guy's computer to the police because they thought it had kiddie porn on it. First off should you be snooping in someone's personal property, but then you have some low level manager deciding to call police. Because I'm pretty sure the photo worker (just like the tech at best buy) isn't going to make that kind of decision.

As for the secret service what are they gonna do? They have to check out all calls. But wait till they start actually prosecuting these type of incidents.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

What the ....

Let me see if I have this straight: There's not enough science to teach evolution, there's not enough science to reduce greenhouse gases, but by all means let's start talking about using the MILITARY to quarantine people for the Avian Flu (remember the SARS, West Nile, lyme disease epidemics that were reported but never came?)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Conspiracy alert

Alright. I know I'm reaching but if you looked at 1984 , the novel by Orwell, as an out come of the military/industrial complex you could see the China, the Mideast, Europe, and the US in a series of fake wars. British troops were found wearing Arab garb and planting bombs. We know about the aid given to enemies by this gov't. We give weaponry to Iraq, North Korea, Alqaeda (sp) then turn around and have wars with them.
I tell my son that he can' t keep making the same "accident" over and over without me thinking at some point , he's doing it on purpose.

and what would be the point of a bunch of powerful people running the world (Chinese, Arab, European, American) and keeping the world in turmoil? Well what's the point of Sporting franchise owners having battles over and over again with the same teams. They make money selling concessions and tix. Do you think the oil,weapons, and govt leaders (both elected and unelected) make money selling the fear, hatred and rivalry the same way Lamar Hunt makes big bucks off of me because I'm a Raider hater and I still hate John Elway.

Just a ramble but I think there maybe something there.