Saturday, September 22, 2007

Corsi: Bush could elect Hillary

"The Bush administration admits there are 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States," Corsi noted. "The real number is probably 20 million or more. But the question is why is one of every 10 people born in Mexico living in the United States as a Mexican national today?"

By 2010, Corsi said, 20 percent of Mexico's population would be living in the U.S. under the Mexican flag.

"Now there are 47 Mexican consulate offices in the U.S. dedicated to protecting the civil rights of these Mexican citizens living in our country," Corsi told the group. "We have already become a dual country, and I don't remember ever voting to allow that to happen."

Corsi rebutted the argument that the U.S. could not evolve incrementally into a North American Union without the U.S. Constitution being amended.

"In Europe, the intellectual elite and the multi-national corporations who advanced the European integration agenda proceeded by the incremental method," Corsi answered.

"The same is happening here," he explained. "First, President Bush allows our borders to be open and a fait accompli just happens. An increasing proportion of Mexico's population begins living in the United States, without any requirement that they become U.S. citizens, and our elected politicians do nothing to stop it."

"Then President Bush comes to the Senate, now twice, and argues that 12 million illegal immigrants cannot be rounded up and deported," Corsi continued. "The only solution President Bush offers is to pass 'comprehensive immigration reform,' which is nothing more than a code name for an amnesty that one way or another legitimates the illegal aliens remaining here.