Friday, February 24, 2006

Jose Padilla: update

Jose Padilla was denied bail. As well he should be. the issue that i protested was the holding without charges. Now charges are filed, bail is denied. I hope the next step is show the proof and punish this crack head.

A word on the use of Tasers

The Taser stun gun shold be looked at the way you do many programs. Cases of abuse should be punished with extreme prejudice. Cases where police have tasered old ladies or zapped suspects because they had bad attitudes should result in prosecution of the officer. the technology itself is useful and has ndeed saved lives. Think of how many people have been tased that might have otherwise been shot. here in K.C. think back to the guy shot in his yard because he approached police with a bbq fork. Or the blind guy in the northeast that got tased in 2004. The outcome in both of these cases would certainly havve been better if they had been shocked instead of shot.

U.S. Army detained suspects' daughters, wives as leverage

Is this why Jill Caroll was kidnapped. The leadership of our military should reconsider the practice of picking up wives to flush out suspected insurgents. While these are a very few cases, i hope that the practice is halted. I can clearly see this being a move that generates lot's of blowback.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2 doctors balk at killer's execution

The doctors, whose names have not been made public, were to have certified that a drug administered to Morales had rendered him unconscious before two other chemicals were administered to kill him.

I can't help but feel that their are good republican doctors in California that would certify. I have my misgivings about the death penalty, but if this guy spent 24 years on death row then the 15 minutes (tops) that he would feel before dying is nothing.

how ironic

Actors (from left) Waqar Siddiqui, Rizwan Ahmed and Arfman Usman with Michael Winterbottom and detainee Rhuhel Ahmed
The actors who star in movie The Road to Guantanamo were questioned by police at Luton airport under anti-terrorism legislation

okay maybe Hamas won't adjust to leadership so well appearing on the Hamas website call for the destruction of Israel in a nuclear holocaust.

The public education debate

The Left meets The Right