Saturday, September 24, 2005

a heroes tale

Friday, September 23, 2005

Lucky Sen.Frist makes a timely sale of stock

a katrina timeline-more to follow

now we know what the republicans mean by support the troops

Rich Brilliant's final appearance at KKFI

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow night for the final appearance of Rich Brilliant before he leaves town. If you have some questions for hm you can post them here in case you don't get in to the show. I'll try to keep calls short but I'm not the best at it. Plus, 2 people in the studio often leads to more conversation and less calls. I'll be notifying him thathis is up here so he won't get sandbagged by a question or topic. and PLEASE be respectful. I'll drop strictly personal attacks. I know you guys can really mix it up (i've read all the posts) so I can tolerate a little name calling with some real questions/ critiques, but don't get carried away. or you'll get carried away.

Is that a beer in dubya's hand


9-11 ball dropping?


cheater alert


Thursday, September 22, 2005

your thoughts people

an update on iraq- from john in park hill

The Wall Street Journal, 346 words Aug 29, 2005

Perhaps more impressive is that Alhurra's credibility has also grown steadily. According to ACNielsen, 77% of Alhurra viewers rate its news coverage as reliable, up from 60% last year. "Considering all the people who said no one would listen to us and no one would care," Mr. [Norman Pattiz] told us, "I think these numbers certainly prove these people incorrect." The fact that stands out to Mr. Pattiz is that "about 40% of viewers of al-Arabiya and al Jazeera watch Alhurra." Those viewers would seem to be open to an alternative perspective on Mideast events.

Monday, September 19, 2005

This from Chuck the Jagman

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Did you catch Clinton on Meet The Press?

Oh you'll love this

Now I understand the concern for gas supply on a national level. But ask your self "why is it the vice president doing the calling?"

'I could have saved her life but was denied permission'


Bush suspends Davis- Bacon Act for Katrina relief

Here we go. I'm not exactly sure what the point of this is. Maybe some of you more conservative folks can explain it. What is the point of dropping the condition of fed money that people make a decent (as determined by the market in the region) salary? It seems to me that the cost of labor is going to be passed on to the federal gov't by the contractor. If they have to pay less however i'm not seeing any assurances that those savings will be passed on to the fed gov't. Especially cosidering the existence of no bid contracts.

I wish I was a part of the investor class

blockbuster stock drops from a little dose of reality

Big Dog, Brad- consider this

From the Kansas City Star-

Inside the third-floor New Orleans apartment, Khaliee looks around and knows he and his family can survive.
They are up high, so if Hurricane Katrina does flood the streets, they’ll be safe. The freezer has enough meat, including chicken and sausage, to keep them fed. With charcoal and lighter fluid, fruit juice and bottled water, they have what they need.
He focuses on the air conditioner next.
“I turned it to 50 degrees,” Khaliee says. “I knew once the storm hit, the lights would go out and that would be it — no more air conditioner. I had to get it cool in there.”
Khaliee didn’t want to be here, making these rash decisions and riding out Katrina. He had wanted to heed the last-minute warnings and get out while they still could.
But he couldn’t. His bosses at Galatoire’s, a Bourbon Street restaurant, weren’t about to close the doors because of some storm expected late the next day.
“I was stuck,” says Khaliee, 28. “Should I leave and get fired, or stay and have a job the next day?”
He had worked at this restaurant for several years, graduating from dishwasher to cook. Denise Smart had the couple’s first child a year ago and now is about six weeks away from delivering their second boy.
So Khaliee stayed, working a double shift. He gets off around midnight and sees the gray clouds forming, feels the wind pushing harder. Now it is too late to leave.
There are no buses leaving the city, no transportation available. The fuel tank of his Buick Riviera is empty.
His mother’s apartment on New Orleans’ west bank will be their refuge. By Sunday night they are inside ready and waiting: Khaliee, Denise, 1-year-old Tyrese and Khaliee’s brother, Usamah. His mom had to stay at work at a nursing home near the apartment.

more FEMA incompetence