Friday, May 09, 2008

Someone Tell Nikki, They're gunning for her!

So I got this email from Miles:

Subject: Someone Tell Nikki, They're gunning for
> her!
> >
> >

Check Nikki's response especially the analysis of the law.
I'm not so sure that they aren't gunning for the "crazy"
home schoolers. Note that in the analysis You are warned not
to refer to yourself as a home school but as the
"Michael T. Justice Academy of Social Awareness"
Feel free to use that Nikki.

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> From: "Nikki"
> To: "" <>;
> Sent: 5/6/08 3:07 AM
> Subject: Re: FW: Someone Tell Nikki, They're gunning
> for her!
> The thing is, there's no provision in Kansas'
> Constitution to determine what is a "competant"
> teacher.
> It also looks like this was drafted in 2006? We've
> since taken him out of public school and have had to
> undergo NO competancy tests or difficulty in doing so for
> the sole sake of homeschooling.
> It also looks like this is more about the state fighting
> funding homeschoolers. We've never received dime one
> from them, and we still pay taxes that go to the public
> schools.
> Besides, if you go here:
> you'll see, Kansas is (as of the date that I'm
> typing this) still one of the states that gives parents
> total autonomy on what their children learn.
> All that is required from me, after we've notified the
> school board that we're homeschooling (as a
> "non-accredited school") is that I teach him 186
> days a year, 6 hours a day.
> Who sent this to you?
> Your favorite tomato,
> Nikki

on Clinton and Obama

If 6/10 Whites are voting for Clinton doesn't that mean 4/10 are for Obama?
What's the impact of Limbaugh's Operation Chaos? Shall we give him credit for 1/10?
Those are folks that aren't really voting for her anyway. Now, how many of the remaining 5/10 will vote for Obama if he is the only democratic choice?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Trouble With Transcending Race

From a blog called the Root
Thought provoking indeed:

If some white people are rethinking their feelings for Oprah and Obama, it's because those people's unrealistic expectations of the two have been betrayed. Oprah and Obama were idealized blacks. They were supposed to be above reproach, neutral on all matters of race, unencumbered by the tiresome legacy of American race relations, colorblind in their politics. They were not supposed to associate with people like Jeremiah Wright, let alone consider them friends.

They were supposed to reflect blackness in the way that made white people comfortable, a blackness that lacked any hint of anger, resentment, or dare we say it, "bitterness." They were also supposed to pretend their blackness didn't matter. Oprah could be the black girlfriend who white women felt good about themselves for having, Obama could be the black candidate they felt good for supporting.

Whites have long felt comfortable with black people entertaining them. Politics is not entertainment – at least not intentionally. Still, it's hard not to wonder if the massive white crowds that came out for Obama's speeches early on weren't also seeing him as some kind of eloquent performer, and now it's sinking in that Obama really isrunning for president and not for American Idol, and that he comes, like all Americans, with some racial baggage. Could this be why so many white people are now asking, more than a year after Obama launched his campaign, if they can really trust him and basing those doubts not on his political record but on the speeches of his minister?

Charter school will focus on homeland security

Finally! The government is getting our children ready to protect the fatherland.

just a couple of planes that crashed into mountains

As far as I can tell there was recognizable wreckage. It seems to me that a mountain would be about as hard as a reinforced Pentagon. I know it's proof of nothing but it does make me wonder.
Granted they weren't aiming at the respective mountains but I would have to think they would be going pretty fast.

Japan 1985

Arizona 1971

Monday, May 05, 2008

Here's another assignment for our Chief Debunkifier

I also had a chance last week to see a vid by pilots for 911 truth that is probably in need of straightening out. Using what they claim to be flight path info from FOIA requests, they assert that there were many inconsistencies and strange maneuvers in the pentagon strike.

Big Dog, your mission, should you accept it: Show the inaccuracies and shoddy investigation tactics of these folks. I'll say right off the bat that the pilots site does have a donation link. But as I have said before asking for money to further your work doesn't, by itself, discredit ones work. Although it can certainly be used as a plank in a case against someone.

For the record: while I will accept donations (especially canned goods, generators, and survival gear), I'm not asking for any.