Thursday, January 24, 2008

Here's a few interesing items

at least I think so...

Police don't want officers to be too smart
This is the same town that that used imminent domain for a private company.

Cheney wants to expand surveillance act.
You may want to check out the PBS documentary on Cheney's Law

Read before you drink another cup of water
And this, this, and this.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Alright BD, why don't you just record a 45 minute special on the evils of the Democrats and the fairness doctrine (something I am opposed to BTW) and I'll be happy to review it and maybe even play it on air for you. But in the mean time I'm moving on from Rush. As Miles so aptly pointed out:

he has his own press he can talk about that shit all day.

Or do you honesstly believe that I'm covering it up when I talk to a few hundred people per week while he talks to millions? I'm the nut job? (lol)

Now back to the contract...Sorry to anyone who is not a carrier but this is business. I think me and big dog and a few hundred others may be getting screwed.

What part are you talking about with discussion? I don't see that. Back when I got my new contract, with the insurance requirements, I thought the delivery section (4 paragraph 2) was different as it related to the times to the building. But, unfortunately I couldn't find my old contract to compare.