Saturday, April 08, 2006

We must exert pressure on the Mexican government

Thisis jacked up.

Friday, April 07, 2006

welcome to the future

Just imagine if this were on every phone.

No more wondering about the location of your child or teen. Keep an up-to-the-minute progress on their location.

Locate your child on any computer with Internet Access or call our toll free hotline and they can do a remote locate for you 1-877-229-2287.
Currently, locate and tracking information is stored indefinitely.
Set safe zones to alert parents when loved one enters or leaves designated areas.
Restrict incoming and outgoing calls to pre-selected numbers.
Phone locations updated every 60 seconds.
Locate loved ones on city map or aerial view.
View tracking path of phone.
Know speed and direction phone is traveling.
Now you can know your children are safe, even when they’re out of your sight.

But wait! It's everywhere!

Giving McCain benefit of the doubt, for now

Senator John McCain’s Liberty University Address to be Televised Nationally via Sky Angel Family and Christian Television Service

I like John McCain and I'm willing to wait and see what he actually says to the graduating clas at Jerry Falwell's university. I hope he will be able to draw enough of the less extreme away from the Christian right. Assuming of course that he will be the nominee in 2008. Who knows?