Wednesday, April 23, 2008

$$$ Money Money Money $$$

You are invited to learn about the future of money in America this Thursday evening, 6pm at the Uptown Theater, Valentine Room

$4 gas—what’s next for the dollar?


Stephen Zarlenga, Director

Greening The Dollar - Reclaiming Our Democratic Values Through Monetary Reform.

Why Our Money System is not Working for America

Learn more about money in 3 hours than some economists learn in a lifetime!

With Ben Kjelshus, Charles Walters, and Stephen Zarlenga

The Seminar Will Discuss:
* America's Monetary Power has been usurped and privatized, leading to war.
* How and why the money power must be restored to society where it can be used to promote
the general welfare, instead of corrupt private agendas.
* How the money power became privatized and remains so through false theory.
* How a three step program restores it to society.
* Why inflation need not be a problem.
* How the facts demonstrate that counter to prevailing prejudice, governmental control of money has a far superior record than private control.
* Why reforming the monetary system needs to be linked to transforming American politics.

This is a hands on do-able reality based program, not a theory, with many U.S. historical precedents, and more going as far back as Classical Greece and Rome.

The Money system acts like a fourth branch of government, generally affecting our daily lives more than the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches combined. Yet it has been privatized and is largely outside the control of our democratic system of checks and balances where it has unfairly concentrated wealth to obscene levels.

The American Monetary Institute is America’s leading think tank focusing on monetary history, theory and reform. Each September we hold a 3 day monetary reform conference at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where cutting edge experts speak on those subjects. This year the Institute is offering free introductory seminars at various times and locations throughout the year. This one evening seminar is designed for Kansas City area people who’d like a good background on how our money system works, why its not working well, how to fix it, and what benefits would follow in terms of infrastructure and health care and education; and how our society has the power to begin creating a superior world, instead of getting mired in stupidity and warfare.

Place: The Uptown Theater at 3700 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri

Date: Thursday, April 24th, 2008 Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Co-sponsored by the American Monetary Institute – Kansas City Chapter & The Kansas City Green Foundation

Ohh those cameras I hate

Red-light Cameras Increase Crashes, Florida Researchers Find
Rather than improving motorist safety, red-light cameras significantly increase crashes and are a ticket to higher auto insurance premiums, researchers at the University of South Florida College of Public Health conclude.

Ruling on warrant trumps top U.S. court's decisions

The Supreme Court of New Jersey became the first court in the nation yesterday to rule that people have an expectation of privacy when they are online, and law enforcement officials need a grand jury warrant to have access to their private information.

In state proceedings, the ruling will take precedence over what attorneys describe as weaker U.S. Supreme Court decisions that hold there is no right to privacy on the internet...

Writing for the court, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner said: "We now hold that citizens have a reasonable expectation of privacy protected by Article I ... of the New Jersey Constitution, in the subscriber information they provide to Internet service providers -- just as New Jersey citizens have a privacy interest in their bank records stored by banks and telephone billing records kept by phone companies."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More convicted felons allowed to enlist in Army, Marines

An old cadence call, that's a marching song for you civilians, goes:
Got a letter in the mail.
Got to war or go to jail...

Maybe those days are returning. That was a Vietnam Era song.

I stand corrected

Britain, with it's socialized medicine, has just made a breakthrough on:
Bionic Eyes

No word yet on whether they will be used to see extraordinary distances like Steve Austin. Leave that to the American capitalist.