Friday, March 18, 2011

Grant Hill responds to Jalen Rose uncle Tom comments

I love it! I don't even know who this Rose character is. I'm assuming that Fab five refers to the Michigan team that Chris Webber was a part of. I do know who Grant Hill is, even though I don't follow basketball at any level. If memory serves, they all left school to go to the NBA. I wonder if they went back and got their degrees, especially Rose.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Principal blames black students for school's low scores

A principal at an East Texas middle school has been reprimanded for blaming the school’s poor test scores on Black students.

Now, this story doesn't give me all the details, but if he called the entire black population down and they weren't universally on the bottom of the entire school's scores, well he's a dumb ass. If he called every student in the bottom x percent, and they happened to be black, that's one thing. But to lay the blame down on black kids is reckless and counter to solving the problems.

Since he was reprimanded, I'm going to guess he didn't give himself that political cover. Although I could be wrong.

Hello! Friends, Romans, countrymen.

It's good to see that we are still playing nicely together. I am once again burning the candles at both ends for a while, bit I thought I'd try to get back to posting. I'll try to respond to comments too. But there is great joy to be had just watching you guys mix it up. Right now I've just got a few email services that send me headlines ( which I mostly delete before I get a chance to read but I've got a few that have piqued my ire, curiosity, or interest. So, without further ado...