Friday, November 04, 2005

the shut down speech


BIGDOG said...

Shut down speech....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Whata fuckng looser. Look its real simple. The Rockefeller Memo clearly points out the democrats intent to stir up more bullshit.

They have a small problem. The right wing media have steady listeners. They are informed and loaded for bear.

I hope senate republicans and others in the house take the fucking gloves off and start kicking these DNC fucks right in the teeth.

Why dont any of you have a problem with these same democrats claiming Saddam was a real threat and had reconstituted his WMD programs well before 2001 and leading up to the war. Why dont you koolaid drinking hacks have a problem with this? did they lie too?

Talk about lame ass DNC koolaid drinking fools. I will kick all your asses with the facts. Ask caficho he loves getting his ass handed to him.

Caficho said...

I hope everyone gets as much a laugh from (at) you as me. Of course, it's kind of like laughing at That Kid Born With One Testicle that we all know...he can't help it. I'm sure there is a surgery that could make it appear That Kid has two testes, just as I'm sure there is a surgical procedure that could make it appear as though Lil'Puss' head wasn't so far up his own ass. I'm starting charity...

Caficho said...

I'm starting a charity called Head Fart. I hope to accumulate enough revenue to buy several tons of refried beans. After feeding them to Lil'Puss, hopefully he will fart out his own head, thus removing the need for invasive surgery.

BIGDOG said...

Go get my coffee BIATCH!!!!

BIGDOG said...

All fucking day has gone by and you MAURICE from Grandview cant even muster up enough response to this question.

Why dont any of you have a problem with these same democrats claiming Saddam was a real threat and had reconstituted his WMD programs well before 2001 and leading up to the war. Why dont you koolaid drinking hacks have a problem with this? did they lie too?

Well, did the Dems lie too?

Caficho said...

Maurice is a different caller than me you fucking retard. I've told you who I am, yet this is the second time you've gotten it wrong...

The answer to your question is "Yes". Are you happy now? Did you "prove" something? I missed it. The Dems didn't do their job either, big fuckin' suprise.

BIGDOG said...

caficho said on Anthony's blog:

"You may know me as the late night telephone terror "Marcus from Grandview"."

Pfffft!!!... then you said:

"The Dems didn't do their job either, big fuckin' suprise."

Good then you are admitting to total failure and that becomes an intellegence issue not a Bush lied and twisted the evidence to exagerate the Iraqi threat. Hence proving Wilson lied. Reinforcing your lack of balls to admit you were WRONG!!!...see how that works Marcus. Chapp'd again!!

Did you know we sold him all the shit he needed up till 1992...huh? did you??

Then im guessing if you already knew that, you are just lieing to yourself and me.

Marcus from Grandview is a liar or just a koolaid drinker. Either way you havent the political prowess to hang with me BOIEEEE!!!!

BTW i live near Grandview and know right where you live. I can smell your bullshit from here.

Caficho said...

I wish I had the ability to know what people are saying despite what they are actually saying. I bet you find it REAL handy, being a neo-con cumguzzler and all. I would stop calling it "political prowess" though (for the childrens' sake).
Glad to see your research finally provided you with some facts. Now what was YOUR on-air name? Oh yeah, the same stupid fucking name you use here. We all know you are not a big dog, you're actually a Lil' Puss (shut up and feel honored that I even respond to you).
"BTW" I hope you DO know where I live, bring me over some of that moonshine, you drunk bastard.

BIGDOG said...

You bring nothing to the table of discussion besides innuendos and ignorance. I wish i had your ability to be ignorant, then i would have MANY excuses for not responding properly in a discussion of facts nor the attempt at getting to the facts. Nope instead, you rely on crassness and dumbwitted responses. Hence no political prowess whatsoever. Just like MT and Ken. You cant handle the truth.

Goodnight Chapp'd. Leave a quarter on my doorstep and ill be by in the morning to hand you another piece of your political ass...LMAO!!!

Caficho said...

You see what you want to see, you hear what you want to hear. I'm not trying to debate you, my poor Lil'Puss. I'm simply offering a meal different from the bullshit you're trying to serve.

ps- If you need money just ask, I don't expect someone with your handicap to perform such a difficult task.

BIGDOG said...

Stil havent offered anything of substance to review. Why do you even bother. Is it because you think you are irratating me with your abhorrent ignorances.

I mean this. NEVER will you be able to irratate me. However i have notice a brighter redness about you. You really must be Chapp'd this time. The make anul cremes for your redness. Unless of course its friction burn. If so try the DNC koolaid drinkers hotline and see if they have the remedy...LMAO!!

Caficho said...

Oh, my homophobic Lil'Puss, again you have misread my intent. Had I wanted to "irratate" you I could have easily began talking about your domestic violence, pedophelia, or religious issues. That is not my purpose. You've successfully demonstrated your numbskullosity to me on various occasions, leaving me to believe any "substance" put out for your "review" is useless. I'm beyond trying to prove a point to you and have moved on to refusing you the last word.

no way José said...

Last night someone broke their word and called in even though they said they never would. Not even to add any substance, but just to get in a cheap pot shot on someone who was feeling ill.

I bet that person that called in really thinks highly of himself.

BIGDOG said...

YOu cant prove your point Caficho. That's the whole issue. Not my problem, its yours my lil chapp'd friend.

As far as breaking my word Jose. Why the fuck should you care about my word being broke. That idiot MT can't handle me challenging him to a debate, on this Butler report and the 16 words of thunder Bush spoke.

Well his Pussy ass hasnt even bothered to acknowledge he lied on AIR to you and whomever listen's. He purposely skipped over vital information in an article i told him on air to read. Wich in fact proved mike from Fairways premise correct and mine as well. He is fucking busted out in my book and a fake. His world of JUSTICE is over. He is a fucked up liar and what i thought was a friend.

MT knows he has eating alot of crow thru email and im saving busting his ass out when the timming is right. Stay tuned the fire works are just getting started.

Thinking highly of myslef. In the face of a lieing bastard like MT. Yeh im definetely on a higher level. Now i place MT like a Limbaugh or an Orielly. Hannity even.

Caficho said...

I noticed that same thing, jose. Does that make a certain someone a liar?
You're self-destructing, my precious Lil'Puss, and it's hilarious. Heard you on the Paragon, losing composure, if that's a preview of your "fireworks" display I think you had better douse that fuse.

BIGDOG said...

I lied? oh really...Lied about what. Calling in on a radio show. Yepp your right i lied. Im sorry.

See how that works. I appologise. Admitting i was wrong, about not calling in, isn't the end of my world. Trust me on that.

Moving right along. You still dont bring anything to the table for discussion. Matter of fact you never call in and opine. What are you afraid of?

As far as loosing composure, never had it to lose, you act as if thats new to you?.... cracka please!!!! poor lil chapp'd friend of mine is trying so hard.

Regardless what you say, Ben even admitted Jesse was goading me, so all you can hear is what you want to hear. I remember his ass going off like some looney fucking green party reject. Made me laugh actually and im sure you ignored that too.

Caficho said...

I don't call so that MUST mean I'm afraid? That demonstrates YOUR problem Lil'Puss. You're not very good at jumping to conclusions, and that's okay because nobody really is. Your problem comes in when you start thinking that you ARE good at it. If I were to stop typing these messages to you, would it mean I was afraid? No.
Maybe you never had your composure to lose, as you say, I thought different. If you look so lowly on Jesse, why would it be so easy for him to "goad" you?

ps- I'm not a "cracka" I'm a "spic".

BIGDOG said...

Hey if you are not afraid than i stand corrected. I assumed you are afraid because you deffinetly dont wana deal with reality on this blog. Your efforts to avoid direct debate and questions can easily be identified as one of your traits. So im guessing you are afraid to debate because you never have a solid premise to stand on. The end result is your name calling and lack to even carry on a decent debate. If you listened to Anthony's show last night you can tell i can keep what lil composure i have, if any, because Anthony allowed me to speek and kept the interuptions to a bare minimum. Wich i totally respect about Anthony.

You know from past history people interupting me and not allowing me to finsh my thought is a lack of respect. You call it goading, ill call it RUDE!! So i WILL shoot back by being RUDE!! its that simple. You be civil, ill be civil. Tit for tat cracka!!!

With you though, i recognise your handicap and ill continue giving you a break my chapp'd lil

Caficho said...

I do need a break from you.

BIGDOG said...

Im sure you do. Gets mighty hot when someone holds your feet to the fire.

sindica420 said...

I think I need a break from all of bigdog's bloggin... seems to me from what I've read; the point of any conversation or topic brought to bigdog is overlooked and replaced with his narrow points of view (which he will refer to as Truth). Though truth does have many forms I've not seen one ounce filter through his opinions. What bits of truth he bases his views on,he's taken and twisted. I like what caficho stated in this blog "I'm simply offering a meal different from the bullshit you're trying to serve." Instead of assuming his meal is shit and feeding it to the dog under the table, why don't you try a bite?
It might be tastier than you expect.

Caficho said...

Bush and his band of misfits and looneys misled my country into a war for his own personal agenda. They "fixed" intelligence "sexed it up", like Lil'Puss tries to do (only he's not as good because he only has the scraps they throw him and his type). I have to deal with information "between the lines", it's harder to cut and paste sometimes. I don't always call in and "opine" because I like to let folks with different views (like you) get in. Some people are natural listeners (me), we don't talk much, while the natural talkers (you) don't like to listen much. So far as YOUR "debate" skills go, well, you shouldn't criticize.

ps- You couldn't hold my feet to the fire, even if you knocked me out with your alchy breath and dragged me to it.

BIGDOG said...

Once again you never stay on topic. To you its all about trying your best to discredit me and you cant. You have NO real premise to base your oppinion on. I have said time and time again POST your information so i can review it. I wana see why you have come to your conclusions.

Opinions, Plato argues, can be false, whereas knowledge presupposes certainty.

I base my oppinions, if you will, on knowledge. You share your knowledge with me, by presenting certian facts and ill base my decision on believing such reports and your oppinion will become more valid as we go along. I dont know you fucking people, so i dont trust you until you prove you are worthy of my trust. Right now you dumbass' havent done anything to win my trust.

You have made it easier not to trust your oppinion because of all the name calling and lack of staying on point. I dont mind a difference of oppinion. I just want your information that helped you arrrive at such an oppinion. Its really simple. You dont have to read between the lines if your sources are good.

So yeh i dont take a bite of nothing until i can verify the ingredients.

Caficho said...

You base your opinions on knowledge? Wow, how very fucking intelligent of you. What do others base their opinions on, do you think? I swear to god your brain must look and taste exactly like tapioca pudding! (I base that opinion on knowledge).
I don't like to repeat myself, especially when typing, so go look up your own "proof". I don't give a shit if you stay this stupid 'til the day you die, but don't cry about being called names for it. I have no idea what "information" could change your mind and, at this point, I don't care. You don't WANT to see things honestly (as you've made apparent on numerous occasions) so do what you gotta do and I'll do what I gotta do.

ps- Why did you spell opinion wrong every time except when you quoted Plato?

no way José said...

You know John's concept of sound bite intellectualism?

Well, some people seem to utilize cut and paste intellectualism.

BIGDOG said...

Still havent brought anything to the table other than pure conjecture. Hey enjoy then. I know this much. You have proven yourself ignorant on these matters.

Chapp'd queefed: "You don't WANT to see things honestly."

Im asking you to post your information so i can see for myself who is being honest and who isnt. Im not afraid to show you where i got my information. Yet somehow you wont because why? Oh thats right, it wont change my mind and you say im the one not being honest, cracka please!!!

lol go fuck yourself moron.

You are being lazy and ignorant, bad combination and frankly you havent anything to stand on. Unless of course you live for innuendos, wich is apparent. Your avoidance of direct questions is a clue...DOH!!!

Jose you cant even hold my jock so put up or stfu boieeeee!!!

Bring it on you morons and show me what "honesty" is when it comes to debating political issues. Bring it, dont sing it, biatches!!!


Caficho said...

Look at yourself.

"WAHOOOOO!!!!!...pwned." What the fuck does that even mean?

no way José said...

>Jose you cant even hold my jock so put up or stfu boieeeee!!!

Why would I... what?

bigdog said...


Caficho said...

Oh, thats good.