Wednesday, January 10, 2007

House Adopts Pay-as-You-Go Rules

On its second day under Democratic management, the House yesterday overwhelmingly approved new rules aimed at reining in deficit spending and shedding more light on the murky world of special-interest projects known as earmarks.

Under the new provisions, the House will for the first time in years be required to pay for any proposal to cut taxes or increase spending on the most expensive federal programs by raising taxes or cutting spending elsewhere. And lawmakers will be required to disclose the sponsors of earmarks, which are attached in virtual secrecy to legislation to direct money to favored interests or home-district projects.


Anonymous said...

HAAAAAAA HA HA. Pay-as-you-go from the criminals. I guess that includes social security...NOPE.

I don't think Herr blog admnistrator actually believes he's going to get responsible spending or accountibility. Sorry...surely even he knows not to expect such a thing no matter which group of criminals runs congress.


Michael T Justice said...

Absolutely correct! I don't expect goods things from the same people who have been all too silent as we have experienced the greatest increase in spending by any president ever. But I will continue to spotlight there promises so that we can return to these issues and point out the failure to follow through (if that is the case). Since they have now been in power for 1 week, I guess we'll have to wait to see the outcomes.