Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I whole heartedly Agree with the President

At least on the earmarks...
Bush Warns Congress to Stop Hiding Pork
"But we need to do more," Bush said. "Here's my own view to end the dead-of-the-night process: Congress needs to adopt real reform that requires full disclosure of the sponsors, the costs, the recipients and the justifications for every earmark."

He called on Congress to cut the number and cost of earmarks next year by at least half.

According to a Congressional Research Service study, the number of earmarks in spending, or appropriations, bills went from 4,126 in 1994 to 15,877 in 2005. The value of those earmarks doubled to $47.4 billion in the same period. Earmarked projects often include roads, bridges and economic development efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Stop hiding the commission sales for congress? Yeah, right. The Bush republicans and the bridges to nowhere? Now, if he'd propose to actually cut spending, I'd say...gosh, Bush might actually have some conservative blood. Nope, the federal budget is still $2.55 trillion. That is $8500 per American. Just imagine how easy life would be for poor people if we cut taxes/lower prices and deport illegals/raise wages. All working adult Americans would be home owners in a couple of years. I guess the government is more important than the people after all. Remember, something is only yours if you can sell it.


Anonymous said...

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