Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh yes they are watching you indeed

Privacy concerns, some RFID supporters say, are overblown. One, Mark Roberti, editor of RFID Journal, says the notion that businesses would conspire to create high-resolution portraits of people is "simply silly."
Corporations know Americans are sensitive about their privacy, he says, and are careful not to alienate consumers by violating it. Besides, "All companies keep their customer data close to the vest ... There's absolutely no value in sharing it. Zero."

but wait...

However, "once a tagged item is associated with a particular individual, personally identifiable information can be obtained and then aggregated to develop a profile," the U.S. Government Accountability Office concluded in a 2005 report on RFID.

Federal agencies and law enforcement already buy information about individuals from commercial data brokers, companies that compile computer dossiers on millions of individuals from public records, credit applications and many other sources, then offer summaries for sale. These brokers, unlike credit bureaus, aren't subject to provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970, which gives consumers the right to correct errors and block access to their personal records.

IBM declined to comment for this story.

In 2002, Fleishman-Hillard produced another report for the industry that counseled RFID makers to "convey (the) inevitability of technology," and to develop a plan to "neutralize the opposition," by adopting friendlier names for radio tags such as "Bar Code II" and "Green Tag."


Anonymous said...

corportaion...the new "c" word

Anonymous said...

certain words are kryptonite to black

Submitted by Michael T Justice on December 14, 2007 - 11:15am.
sometimes White people could try to understand that
their words may have more heft than they are aware.
1. Mammy, Boy, colored, etc. are terms that do have a history of their own. advertisors spend millions of dollars to artfully use words and phrases to conjure up feelings amongst people. Everday folks sometimes do it quite un-artfully. I'm just saying they should think about it. That's not being PC that's just being "real." If you always wear green and one day you wear purple. If I say "that's queer (odd)" you might take offense regardless of how I meant it.

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Speaking of 'C-words'....who was the gentleman you were interviewing about his cooperative project...featuring such things as employee-ownership and a Resource Center? How would one contact him and his organization?

Michael T Justice said...

You found me on the stars blog? click on my name to visit my other site.

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Oh BTW. Remember i said there are some elements within our government who may have been involved in 9-11.

Here is a fine example of my speculations bearing credibility. May not be direct evidence, but its shows the Trojan Horse concerns i have.

BTW MT. Can a Top defense advisor have privvy info concerning 9-11 military operations/excersises on that day?

Me thinks so.


Anonymous said...

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