Tuesday, February 05, 2008

so much for closure

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton says he has been left saddened after being subjected to racist abuse in Spain.


Anonymous said...

Get over yourself. You own a home and cars in the 3rd richest county in america. Black man singing we shall overcome from johnson county...now that's funny. Take off your race-colored glasses, Michael Spike Lee Justice.


Anonymous said...

SO much for closure? SPIN ZONE..lol (talking about the USA sins; of our forefathers of this nation...right???)

WTF MT???...we are not Spain.

Oh and this happened at a sporting event.. IN SPAIN!!!!(drunkards may be at every corner).

However if he felt offended. Why or how can a sporting event be held accountable for the few ignorant race fans.

Yet i was impressed they were quick to respond these actions by a few.

Nice spin tho MT.


Michael T Justice said...

In the Columbia case, the justices wrote, "Here, plaintiffs have produced evidence that Dillard's has a systemic practice of surveilling and following African-American shoppers, that it prosecutes African-American shoplifters more than white shoplifters, that it specifically instructs employees to follow African-American shoppers - that it discriminates in giving fragrance samples and enforcing its policy on return of merchandise and that it selectively withholds service from black customers."

Anonymous said...

Ummmm... just so you know this thread wasnt about the Columbia case.

You should really consider retiring from this crap.

Oh and exactly what have you read about this case? Anything else besides your posting?

This case has been dismissed then reinstated. Me thinks its best to wait and see.