Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pentagon pays $300 Million to news agencies in Iraq

Proponents of such tactics argue that different standards should be applied to what is permissible in a combat zone such as Iraq than, say, in the United States or other stable democracies.

I don't have time yet but somebody check on this lincoln group. i believe there are ties to the CIA and Bush donors


BIGDOG said...


PsyOps is doing their job. Go figure. :rolleyes:

Planting truthfull, positive stories, to gain positive support for our troops is vital to their safety and helps gain their trust and gain more intell on these insurgent bastids.

Are you saying they are lieing to gain support MT?

So what's your point?

Another example of sheep speak without investigating. Ignorance is bliss.

Dont give me this i dont have the time shit either MT. You had time to post 13 new posts and no time to investigate.

How fucking lazy.

Michael T Justice said...

look you dumb fucker. i'm tired of YOUR shit. you can cool it or get the fuck off my blog.

BIGDOG said...

Cool what?

Questioning your integrity?

Questioning what the fuck your point is?

Questioning your ignorance?

Questioning the reality of how much time you have on your hands to post 13 new topics and no time to research your sheep speak on your own?

Yeh sure, ok....ummm.. dumb fucker...LMAO!!!

Judas Juice said...

Effective media to that populus would be mediated not medicated. How many Volcanos will $300 USD buy? Volcanos are an English term for Badr Shitte insurgents (opps) who are in Official posts. The fact is most cities and villages don't have power enough to watch tv (if they have one) or time to watch it. The overwhelmingly amount of news is transmitted out of masque communities. The point of the article is that The American-Christian Soldier are not fighting a 'gentlemens war'. Hell, ain't no gentlemen in that land of snakes. Its a bitterpill, that no amount of antacid will wash down. The underlinging current here, is that we know history, we know that desperate men in desperate times fuck up. How long will our warriors be dragged through the dirt? This is a carbomb durbie inside of a powderkeg. The question is can we withstand a 100yr war with these tactics? Why not just through candy at the natives and trade dental care for rootcanals?

bigdog said...


Robert Byrd said...
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