Saturday, April 29, 2006

law forbids more than three people from living together unless they're related by "blood, marriage or adoption."

On that basis, the city denied an occupancy permit to Olivia Shelltrack and her
fiance, Fondray Loving. In January, the couple moved into their five-bedroom
home with their three children. But city officials have repeatedly ruled that
the household fails to meet its definition of family.


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So, on the day without illegal invaders, the dow goes down only 23 point. Gosh, these bastards are essentially worthless.

When the white lib like Ben sympathizes with the invasion, I would like for all black people to remember in the "ballot or bullet" speech by Malcolm X when he states that "the white liberal has failed you" as black unemployment is at 10%.

Miguel in Americo

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From KCTV5 website: We contracted with a respected non-profit group to conduct an undercover investigation into how local police stations handle citizen complaints. Thus far in our investigation, the departments have been very cooperative.

Traditional family values includes no gambling. It doesn't matter if your a card counter. The house has the odds. No Hospice parking at the casino.


Anonymous said...

I understand why you would not sign a name to that, (_)0

First, you said, "Traditional family values includes no gambling." You used the verb form of third person singular but traditional family values is a plural subject. You fail the first grade subject-verb agreement test.

Second, you said, "It doesn't matter if your a card counter." "Your" is possessive whereas "you're" is the conjunction that I can only assume you were attempting to use. This is failing third grade English.

Ending, you said, "No Hospice parking at the casino." This is a sentence fragment which fails the first grade English test.

I can only assume at this point judging by your lack of education that you are a mere lib. I can only pray you haven't been granted a college degree as well.

Mike at the top of the arc