Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Very interesting

I don't remember this story. Thank god for Youttube.
Israeli connection to 9-11


Saturn2888 said...

The link doesn't work

BIGDOG said...

Say what. The courts agree with me and not MTJ. No kidding!! this isnt the first time.

WASHINGTON -- In a victory for the White House, a U.S. appeals court ruled Tuesday that the hundreds of prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay do not have a right to plead their innocence in an American court.

Sorry no habeus corpus for you.

BIGDOG said...

Very detailed report for you MTJ and your conspiracy friends. Please take time and examine it. 9-11 conspiracies go out the window and i told you they have groups that studied this both private and gov. groups. As my research continues i have this for you.

Here is the govs report from NIST.

Over a 1000 pages for your enjoyment. Atleast look at what it covers in detail. Some of wich already detailed for you about; through my 13 years of experience in the welding/structural steel industry. Now i have and can easily provide all the independent studies from NIT and a few others, Popular Mechs is another. Oh and try "screw loose change" at youtube. I know get Doc on this NIST report...Pffffft!!

Anonymous said...

Since you refuse to learn about economics, here is yet another lesson:

The Minimum Wage

If you raise the minimum wage, you raise the price of labor. When you raise the price of anything, the demand decreases. So, when you raise the minimum wage, you make less jobs for unskilled laborers. THe intention is a better wage for the unskilled. The result is less work for the unskilled. The gap between intention and result is the enjoyable death of socialism...unless, of course, you own the media and therefore prevent the truth from being properly delivered to the people.

It is time to execute, imprison, or deport the enemy within in the name of national security and economic success.


Anonymous said...

Don't be an economic girlie man.


Anonymous said...

This report is not really about the event curtailling unto 9/11. Generally, this is about riding camels with those that have tight keffiyeh's.

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