Sunday, February 25, 2007

Virginia 'sorry' for slavery role

Virginia's General Assembly has adopted a resolution, expressing "profound regret" for the role the US state played in slavery.

Somehow, I can hear a bunch of "patriots" going crazy because an American state has "given in" to "special interest" groups and are just "blaming America." But honestly, is it so terrible to acknowledge the wrongs of this nation's past? We wave flags and shout "we're number one" on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

The real headline:
Virginia General Assembly wastes the money/time/life of the taxpayer/worker for meaningless resolutions to buy certain votes...and they fall for it anyway.

Slavery is working involunarily for no cash. When the average American worker must work 5 months a year to pay his tax bill, that is work for no cash. So, slavery still exists. Libs are just too stupid to identify it.


Saturn2888 said...

So Michael, basically, what you're saying is that people are doing the same hard work, they can buy things of their own, not get beaten by their bosses, and have a chance to make themselves more skilled and wealthy, but you still call them slaves? I really don't think so. That's probably why they're not identifying it. Slavery would be closest to industrial workers of the old days, but then again, those jobs are taken by illegal immigrants these days basically justifying it because we're paying for them anyway. If they live a harsh life, that's their fault for breaking our law and "stealing" our money by living here illegally. Look for the chicken farms in California. I don't remember where exactly, but I'm pretty sure CA was a big one for illegal immigrants.

Just make sure you don't say freedom of choice is a notion of slavery. People can choose to work at either McDonald's or Burger King. They can even choose to work at Sprint either as a custodian or an engineer. One of the most lacking things in finding a better job is skill and education. It's not like it used to be; you have to have at least some degree to make the money you want. While it's not free to do so, you also have the freedom to move if you can afford it. It's not hard to save up for a one way trip to Europe especially if you have to live it rough for a year. Most people don't always know where to shop either. I don't buy clothes that are over $10 unless it's shoes because the cheapest i can find those is under $30 most of the time. With that in mind, and the fact that most older people aren't in need of new clothes because they're not growing, that's one way to save up. If you wanna go to Europe where they have free schooling, the UK is a great place to go. No new language to learn (almost) and while it'll be tough, at least you'll be getting an education, but that might require citizenship; I'm unsure of that though. If you can just go there and get a "free" degree, then it would make sense to go there for a few years, do all that you need, get a job so you have some experience, then move back over and live a better life. There's no way you can constitute slavery if that's the case. Look at all those freedoms! Slaves aren't free, they work and all they get is the boiled water from vegtable soup, anything they can find on the ground, a dirt or straw bed shared in a room with 100 other people, and repeated beatings by their owner. You don't even get to keep your child or have the use of any cash. Oh wait, did I forget about the fact that some owners even raped their slaves? I mean, if you call life slavery for most people out there, I shun to think that then that would make me a slave owner for going to college and getting an education and trying to make some cash so I can live a better life than my parents are.

Anonymous said...


$130 sneakers with no shoelaces (at least the ice has melted).

BIGDOG said...

Hey MTJ watch these clips. Its a viseo slide show so it will dnload 4 clips or so. Watch it all. I have told you all along about 9-11 and what my job experiences taught me. Now its been backed up my NIST.