Saturday, December 24, 2005

terror alerts

does anyone remember the last time the threat level was raised to orange. i think it wa just before the election.


Anonymous said...

I still say we need to watch out. They may have extended the Patriot Act. I still think that there may be issues with the renewal that will cause a lapse in the enforcement of it, and that the powers that be may use this kind of lapse to "influence" americans' views on security.

And I'm not talking about a press conference. There HAS TO BE some reason that the provisions of the executive branch that harm americans seem to be the only "securiy measures" that are still in effect.

I mean you can take a 7 inch screwdriver on airplanes now. You know what someone could do with a 7 inch screwdriver?

And what can't be taken on planes now gets mailed to the passenger.

I'm all for these things, and I'm all for the lack of mention of the security level raising unnecessary fear, but if we arent as fearful as we were, then why are the same people who have the power to influence or override these changes the same ones who seem to be pushing big brother on us?

Robert Byrd said...
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