Friday, May 09, 2008

on Clinton and Obama

If 6/10 Whites are voting for Clinton doesn't that mean 4/10 are for Obama?
What's the impact of Limbaugh's Operation Chaos? Shall we give him credit for 1/10?
Those are folks that aren't really voting for her anyway. Now, how many of the remaining 5/10 will vote for Obama if he is the only democratic choice?


Anonymous said...

"No Wonder the news networks would rather focus on $400 haircuts than matters of substance. There are no matters of substance." -Ron Paul

If Obama and Clinton want to divert attention from Race and Gender, maybe they should put some substance behind their platforms and talk about policy and not hopes and dreams.

Anonymous said...

So if 9 out of 10 blacks vote for Obbama would that be considered racist?

Anonymous said...

Limbaugh brought viagra to an old mans golfing retreat. hmm, that is a metaphor that is slieightly handed by twitting drones, professed in deep regard of whistling refuge.

/Pynchon walks dog to sleep